Hi there.

I’m starting my journey of blogging my wedding preparations.  I’m keen to keep the memories of all the decisions along the way by blogging each weekend.

Mike and I are getting married in August 2017 in a village in Essex, England.  One of my favourite design steps so far has been creating our own stamps for the wedding invitations…which we are currently still sending out.  I created them simply  via http://shop.royalmail.com/stamps/smilers/icat/smilers

I’m planning to review wedding websites and hope to visit different Essex Wedding Companies to photograph and add reviews to my blog.  I’ll invite companies to follow my me and offer them a weblink on my blog.  I’m keen to have my blog shared to help out other brides-to-be in planning their perfect wedding day. I will create different blogs for each ‘All Things Wedding’ sections such as: Essex Venues, Florists, Caterers, Decorations, Stationary, Wedding Fairs,  Photographers, Videographers, DJs, Entertainment, Hair Dressers, Jewellery, Beauticians etc.  Add a comment below if you’re happy for me to add your company as a link.

I’m looking forward to sharing my decisions along the way which combine our wedding theme of: nature, birds, wildlife and colour!

My next main priority is to find the perfect wedding shoes- hence the name for my blog! With my bridesmaids all wearing different colour shoes, I’m hoping to find sparkly, multi-colour heels. Please let me know if you come across the perfect pair.

Thank you. I hope you enjoy my blog!

Laura xx

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Hi there.  I am Laura and new to blogging. Since the BIG PROPOSAL (the most magical day of my life so far) I’ve loved every minute of being creative and planning our wedding.

I decided to keep a record of all the fun in the preparation to look back at; not just remembering ‘The Big Day’ itself but the ideas and decisions I’ll make along the way with my fiancé Mike.

I’ve already planned a great deal but there’s always still so much more to do: I love that!

My themes are based around the beauty in nature:

  • Birds
  • Bright colours
  • Feathers
  • Wild flowers

I work full-time but plan on blogging each weekend and sharing the steps in the days/weeks/ months lead-up to our wedding in August 2017.

One of my favourite elements so far, has been designing and making our own wedding invites…it took many adjustments to come up with the perfect invite to tie the themes together. I will post these as be my first-ever post next weekend.

I’d love followers and fellow bloggers to post their ideas and possibly be inspired by some of my own ideas. Everyone’s wedding is unique and special and it will be great to share our journeys. I encourage all feedback and tips.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog- I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I’ll enjoy sharing it.

Laura xx



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Enjoy checking out my post each weekend for updates.